Watercolor Painting of Trearddur Beach in Wales

Treaddur beach. This is a beautiful beach in Wales on the island of Anglesey. The weather is very changeable but sometimes you get some sunshine.

"?" ・  Trearddur, Wales ・ 31.8 x 41 cm (12.5" x 16") ・  $350 ・ 

Last year I visited Trearddur bay.

We stayed for about a week in a very nice hotel. And next to the hotel was this beautiful beach.

Every morning I enjoyed refreshing walks with my mum along this beach and then we would walk on towards the coastal paths.

Although this looks like a morning scene the position of sun would be seen behind those buildings only at evening time so I'm not sure if I should consider this a morning painting or an evening one. And it's an important consideration as the title might include the time of day.

In many ways, this area is very important for me. Because it was at Holyhead, which is very near this place, that my mum first came to England from Ireland and as a little child.

And now it is time to ask you for a title. As you can see in the caption, the title at the moment is "?". When you look at this painting what thoughts arise in your mind? I'd really appreciate your suggestions.

Happy painting to you all,


And here is a video showing the process of creating a watercolor painting of Treaddur beach. Hope you enjoy it. Thoughts, suggestions and comments are appreciated.

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Nath says October 22, 2017

Suggested title: ‘Afternoon Stroll on Trearddur Beach’.

You painted a beautiful place. I like the mood of this painting Gareth and the vast expanse of sand still wet at low tide. It feels like a nonchalant Sunday afternoon on a cool, bright autumnal day by the sea.

It’s interesting that you feature several people, some couples, perhaps a family with a young child and a lone person walking on the beach. Is it important to feature people in your landscapes and are these people known to you?

    Gareth says October 24, 2017

    Thank you Nath. I really like that title and have decided to use that for this painting. But I also received a lot of great titles and so I will make some more versions of this painting and use all those fantastic suggestions.
    Yes, it really is a beautiful place – although the weather is very changeable. In regard to people, for me, the focal point of the painting is often the human figure even though I love landscapes. I know one incredibly successful landscape artist in Japan and he uses no figures. But I just love the human figure and feel it adds such a dynamic and essential element to a landscape – I could be wrong, but that’s just how I feel.

      Nath says October 24, 2017

      Thank you Gareth for choosing my suggested title and for replying to my question.

      Like you pointed out, landscape painters seem to fall in two camps, the ones that want to feature the human form and the ones that prefer creating landscapes without people in. When you look at paintings you start noticing some of these elements and they reflect the sensibility of the artist. As such, I think they are both valid points of view.

Marilyn says October 22, 2017

Title for painting…….Shadows in the Sand. Lovely painting.

    Gareth says October 24, 2017

    Thank you Marilyn. I love that title. I’ve had so many good suggestions that I plan to make some more versions of this painting and
    use all these great titles. Do you also paint in watercolor?

Dawn Marie Cancelosi says February 3, 2018

Hello Gareth
I was taken back by the beauty of this scene. The water looks liquid and gentle. I love the water by the rocks in the front, it has movement and feels right. I see you found a name which is wonderful, I was thinking Gentle Waters… ? I’m not a professional Art person but those are my thoughts. Again, Hope your future is full of happiness and success! Blessings, DawnMarie

    Gareth says February 5, 2018

    Thank you Dawn. Yes, I was very happy with this beach scene too. I went there in 2016 with my family. Gentle Waters, that’s a very nice name. I’m sure I can use that as I do lots of paintings of the sea.

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