The Light at the End.

Japan has so many tunnels. This is a tunnel in Kunisaki that was being checked after some big earthquakes in 2016.

#30 ・ "The Light at the End" ・ Kunisaki ・ 22 x 27.3 cm (8 3/4" x 10 3/4") ・ $120 ・ 

​"A Japanese Tunnel" was the original title of this painting.

It's just a bit too prosaic right and doesn't really do justice to what I think is a great painting.

So I asked on social media what would be a good title and my friend Angela Treat Leon suggested "The Light at the End".

Now that's definitely a much better title.​

It really helps to ask others.​

As for this painting comes from a trip to Kunisaki which is a beautiful but somewhat lonely part of the prefecture I live in.

It takes a long time to drive there and you have to go through a lot of tunnels.

This trip occurred after some big earthquakes (2016) and some road workers were checking the tunnels for damage.

Driving through this tunnel, I found the scene very dramatic and thought it would make a good painting.

But my very first painting was a disappointment.

I decided to have another go this year and bingo it just worked. Who can explain these things?

But what do you think?

And to leave you with another question.

Do you think a painting of a tunnel is a fitting subject? Does it work?

Thanks for reading and God bless you, Gareth.​

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Gareth says May 29, 2017

One person suggested the title: “The Light at the End”. So this has become the new title of this painting. I love it.

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