One brush, one color and one sketchbook – coastal rocks

Simple Watercolor Sketch of Coastal Rocks

Simple Watercolor Sketch of Coastal Rocks

Super simple watercolor sketching. 

This is a painting using just one brush, one paint color and a small sketchbook.

It shows how with a few materials you can paint something beautiful.

All the best and happy painting,


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Dawn Marie Cancelosi says February 3, 2018

Hey There!
Was too curious to pass up “One Color One Sketchbook” and I’m so glad that I didn’t pass it up! I laugh that you say it’s simple… for me using one color would be incredibly difficult! I wish that I could paint especially watercolor paintings. I love the gorgeous colors you can get when blending one into the next! No two are ever alike, because of that very unique water And color blending and shaping. Great job showing us how “Easy” it is with just one color, but I know it’s a true talent! Thank you for sharing your wonderful paintings… DawnMarie

    Gareth says February 5, 2018

    Thank you Dawn. The idea with one brush and one color was to simplify the process. But I know a lot of people want to start straight away with colors. I perhaps should do a lesson on color blending … I think people really love the color aspect of painting.

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