City Light

A watercolor painting of a crossing in Oita city, Japan. I wanted to have the building glowing because of the sunlight.

#15 ・ "City Light" ・ Oita ・ 31.8 x 41 cm (12.5" x 16") ・ $120 ・

A watercolor painting of a road crossing in Oita city, Japan.

I wanted to have a building glowing in the last light of the sun.

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Mark Riedener says June 17, 2017

Hey, Gareth,
I’ve been glancing at your work now for a little while through Google plus watercolor category, and this piece of the urban scene really caught my eye, good dramatic lighting, good layout, overall good painting! So obviousy you live in Japan, how do you support yourself, I’m guessing there are plenty of sights to paint! So keep them coming!

    Gareth says June 17, 2017

    Hi Mark.
    I support myself by teaching English. I’ve actually grown to really enjoy it and feel I’m doing something useful and the interaction is wonderful.
    I love painting but either I’m not good at marketing myself or my work isn’t quite the right thing – but I just continue it.
    Yes, there are plenty of sights to paint but I need to be getting out more. Recently I’ve been staying indoors and painting.
    All the best,

Jane Howard says June 18, 2017

Wonderful light effect and delicacy. Inspiring.

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