Scaffolding is the title of this painting. It is a watercolor painting of a construction crew working on a new elevated railway line in the morning in Oita city, Japan.

#28 ・ "Scaffolding" ・ Oita city ・ 31.8 x 41 cm (12.5" x 16") ・ $120  ・ 

"Scaffolding" - that's the title for this painting.

What do you think? I was also thinking of calling it "Men at Work". If you have any other ideas for a title please share them.

So how did this painting come about? By chance like most of my paintings. I just stumbled upon this scene one day.

And this all occurred a few years ago when they built an elevated railway line in the city where I live.

This painting is a new version of the original which was a smaller and sketchier work - but still better than this one!

It was really fun to paint this picture as I really enjoy watching people being so busy and making something. There is an energy here.

And then all the cranes, scaffolding and figures and the way they interact with one another is very interesting.

But what do you think does it work or not?

Any comments would be welcome.

​God bless you, Gareth.

You can see more of my paintings of city scenes on this pinterest board.

​This original painting (unframed) is available to buy for just $120 - shipping included.

Please include the number of the painting found in the caption below the painting and your name and address.

This is an original painting made from acid free paper called Saunders & Waterford. The paints are all permanent and professional quality from a brand made in Japan and called Holbein.

If you have any further questions then please contact me here.

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