Watercolor Painting of a Rainy Japanese Country Road

Beautiful reflections of a rainy Japanese country road. This is Inukai in Oita prefecture during a very wet October. The rice fields are yellow and the trees still green.

Watercolor Painting of a Rainy Japanese Country Road / Inukai, Oita pref. / $250

Every so often we go to visit an old woman who lives in the countryside. 

My daughter loves this old woman who teaches us about countryside life.

On this occasion, we saw 2 baby chicks that were only two weeks old. We made a fire and roasted some chestnuts and walnuts. And we made a wreath and decorated it with cotton plants, berries and autumn leaves.

We also saw a festival at the local shrine. There were 4 musicians and a man who was dancing around with a sword. It was very entertaining and my daughter didn’t want to stop watching.

The whole day it rained. Towards evening time it also became cold. My wife and I wanted to go home but our daughter wanted to stay. Eventually, though, we got her into the car.

It was nice to get back home and warm ourselves with nabe (a Japanese winter dish) and a hot bath. I enjoy soaking in the bath and listening to the rain outside.

And we will soon be going back to the see the old lady again so our daughter has something to look forward to.

Do you often visit the countryside

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Elizabeth R Urabe says December 6, 2017

I visited Oita for Oshouhgatsu 1983, wore a kimono for the first time and fell in love with the country people of Japan. The painting is beautiful. Rain is a supreme gift of Mother Nature. Honor life in all its forms.

    Gareth says December 14, 2017

    Thank you very much Elizabeth. I’m glad you had such a lovely experience.

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