Beautiful Grey

A watercolor painting of a very ordinary urban scene that looks surprisingly beautiful because of the light.

#33 ・ "Beautiful Grey" ・ Oita city

​"Beautiful Grey" is the proxy title of this painting.

Another idea for a title was "Ordinary and Urban but Beautiful".

I've asked on social media what other people would think of as a good title and already received two great titles.

One person suggested: "A Pearl Colored Morning" and another suggested "Almost Home".

I will chose one of these two suggestions as I think they are so good. But if you have any other ideas let me know as all these great titles can be used for future paintings.​

This place is really close to my house and is in a small area called Nishikimachi.

As I walk or cycle around, I am always looking for a scene to paint.

And something about this scene attracted me.

Although it is just a few grey buildings I think the light has transformed the greyness into something beautiful.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading and God bless you, Gareth.​

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