Watercolor Painting of a Misty Village

In this watercolor painting I tried to capture the magic of a golden misty morning when the scene is so pristine that it feel like the very first dawn.

"Like the First Dawning" ・  Edensor, England ・ 24.2 x 33.3 cm (9.5" x 13") ・  $250 ・ 

“Like the First Dawning”

This is the present title for this piece. What do you think?

“Praise every morning” is another idea.

When I look at this painting, and the result even surprised me, I just loved the gold and the mist and the freshness. And because at the moment I’m just immersed in Christian scripture and songs I thought of the song “Morning has Broken”. I love that song.

However, I’d appreciate your suggestions.

As you might know, recently I’ve become obsessed with a village called Edensor in Derbyshire, England.

I’ve done over 20 paintings of this place. I've done many sketches. I’ve done a soft, colorful image, I’ve done a stark and dramatic image and I’ve also done some evening images but haven’t had time to show them.

Now, I’m doing a misty scene. This is a first for me and it has been a challenge.

I looked at some watercolors of misty scenes and some photos and got some good ideas.

Although the final result became something beyond what I expected.

For instance, the misty grass happened by accident but I quickly saw how magical it looked.

I learnt also that with the buildings and even the tree in the foreground to keep it as blue as possible. So the buildings and trees are a mix of blue and brown. There is very little red in this work.

Stay tuned because after this I intend to do a snow scene of this village. So I need to start looking at snow scenes in order to get some ideas. Hopefully these new paintings will become Christmas cards.

God bless,


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