Watercolor Painting of a Lovely Japanese Restaurant

Painting of a Japanese restaurant in Beppu called Amamijyaya. I think it means sweet tea shop. It's a wonderfully traditional place with delicious food.

"A Japanese Tea Shop" ・  Beppu, Oita pref. ・ 31.8 x 41 cm (12.5" x 16") ・  $350 ・ 

Recently, we went to a Japanese restaurant in Beppu city.

It’s called Amamichaya. I think it means sweet tea shop.

I can never pronounce this name correctly.

The food is delicious. I ate toriten with a soy sauce dip, miso soup, and onigiri.

Toriten is fried chicken Japanese style which means chunks of chicken dipped in soy sauce, sake, garlic powder and rolled in tempura powder and then deep fried. Oita prefecture, where I live, is famous for it.

And for desert I had green tea chiffon cake with azuki beans, cream and coffee.

Then we went to Shidaka lake. This is a beautiful area high up in the mountains behind Beppu city.

My daughter enjoyed feeding the koi in the lake which were numerous. And I enjoyed taking photos of the rowing boats.

It was very hot though and I got a red face.

On the way home, we stopped at Tanoura beach, an artificial beach, where there is a pirate ship my daughter could play on.

I was surprised to see many jellyfish in the sea.

We left the beach with a beautiful view of the lights of Beppu city glittering across the bay.

I hesitate to show you this but here is a video I did in which I show the process of making this painting. The very day I made it my friend called me up and told me that the watercolor sketch was much better than the finished one. Talk about honesty! But actually I agree with him. So there might be another attempt at painting this scene in the future. But presently I am very busy doing paintings of England for an exhibition that I will have next month. Wish me luck!

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