Watercolor Painting of an Idyllic Village

Watercolor Sketch of Edensor a beautiful English village with a warm, soft atmosphere.

Watercolor Sketch of Edensor with a warm, soft atmosphere.

An idyllic village and dreams and reality.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I have a dream of living in an idyllic village.

In England that’s unlikely because houses in the countryside are expensive.

Japan is the opposite because very few people want to live there.

The word for countryside in Japanese is “inaka” and it is a very sensitive word. You can use the word to say I love the countryside and it will mean exactly the same in English. But if you say a person or a city is inaka it means they are a bit behind, out-of-date.

But I still can’t live in the countryside even in Japan because my wife loves the city - and let’s be honest, she loves the shops.

It’s also true that in the countryside it’s inconvenient, lonely and nearly all of the population are seventy or older.

So I have to be content with visiting only.

And during my holiday in England I visited one of the most idyllic villages in the country - Edensor.

Don’t worry about pronunciation - some call it Enzer, others Ensor and others Enza. I call it Eden-sor. I’m a very pragmatic artist.

A brief history

The history of this village is not lost in the mists of time. It was built in the Victorian period when an earlier Duke of the mansion near Edensor redesigned his estate and didn’t like the previous village. I think he found it an eyesore.

So, he had the whole village relocated and that became the present Edensor. A few of the buildings from the original village remain - the ones behind a hill that didn’t spoil the Duke’s view of his beautifully landscaped garden.

The new village was designed by a local architect, John Robertson, and Sir Joseph Paxton, famous for the Crystal Palace, who is even buried there. Along with Kathleen Kennedy the sister of JFK - so this very small village connects with some very famous people. Not to mention quite a few Dukes and Duchesses.

An interesting feature of the village is that each house is a different architectural style. When John Robertson showed the Duke a variety of house designs the Duke, who was busy, said “build me one of each”.

My brief visit

I wish that I’d had time to walk around but I was with the family. And so I was given a few minutes to jump out the car, take some photos and get back in before they drove off and left me.

Luckily I got a few good shots as we drove towards the village and these were better than the shots I took in the village itself.

I also had a google and found some more beautiful views.

Is there a village that you would call idyllic or have a special feeling for?

Below is another watercolor sketch of the same village but with a more stark and dramatic atmosphere with more emphasis on the sky and the spire of the church.

Watercolor Sketch of Edensor a beautiful village in England with a stark, dramatic atmosphere.

Watercolor Sketch of Edensor with a stark, dramatic atmosphere.

In the next post I will show you the development of these sketches.

God bless, Gareth.

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