City Shadows

City Shadows. The name of a watercolor painting of a busy Japanese street early in the morning. This is Oita city.

#25 ・ "City Shadows" ・ Oita city ・ 31.8 x 41 cm (12.5" x 16") ・ $120  ・ 

I love to paint in the countryside.

It is hands down a wonderful experience to paint surrounded by nature.

I live though in the city and although it is noisy and busy I often find interesting scenes to paint like the one above.

I saw this scene while I was taking my daughter to nursery school.​

Any comments would be welcome and if you have any ideas for a good title that would be even more welcome.

​God bless you, Gareth.

​This original painting (unframed) is available to buy for just $120 - shipping included.

Please include the number of the painting found in the caption below the painting and your name and address.

This is an original painting made from acid free paper called Saunders & Waterford. The paints are all permanent and professional quality from a brand made in Japan and called Holbein.

If you have any further questions then please contact me here.

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