Materials you need

The Art store materials

1   Brush

Hake brush (bamboo brush) about 1.5 inches (3 cms)

2   Paint

Pthalo Blue or any dark blue paint - such as Ultramarine.

I recommend Holbein because it's good quality and the cheapest. I recommend the 15 ml which are about     10 dollars.

3   Paper

I would recommend a cheapish watercolor paper at first until you get better. Even a multimedia sketchbook is okay. The results won't be great but it will be great for practice, you won't feel so worried about spoiling the paper and you'll save money.

Other items

4   Palette. At first a plate will do but plastic palettes are super cheap and very good.

5   Water holder. The bigger the better but at first an old cup or bowl is fine

6   Rag for drying your brush upon

7   Tissue

8   Two big clips. For holding down the paper

9   Pencil. Nothing special for now HB is fine

10  Spray bottle. Not essential but a lot of fun.