Busy Road at Evening Time

A watercolor painting of a busy road at evening time.

#7 Busy Road ・ Oita City ・ Evening ・ Winter

"Busy Road" - that's the title for this painting.

It's not such a great title. If you have any other ideas for a title please share them.

This road is very close to where I live and so I am very familiar with it.

I find the perspective dramatic, especially at evening time and have painted it many times.​

Any comments would be welcome.

​God bless you, Gareth.

You can see more of my paintings of city scenes on this pinterest board.

​This original painting (unframed) is available to buy for just $120 - shipping included. ($110 if you live in Japan). The size of the painting is 12.5" x 16" (31.8 x 41 cm).

Please include the number of the painting found in the caption below the painting and your name and address.

Extra details

This is an original painting made from acid free paper called Aquarell Kenaf. The paints are all permanent and professional quality from a brand made in Japan and called Holbein.

If you have any further questions then please contact me here.

God bless you. Gareth.​

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