Watercolor Painting of an Archway

Painting of a beautiful archway from a dramatic angle with two figures walking through and creating long dramatic shadows.

"Archway" ・  Derbyshire, England ・ 31.8 x 41 cm (12.5" x 16") ・  

This is a beautiful archway of a stables building at Chatsworth house.

Chatsworth is a beautiful mansion situated in Derbyshire, England.

It may surprise you, but many Japanese people live in a mansion.

The word ‘mansion’ though in Japanese means a new apartment. Whereas the normal word apartment means an old apartment.

While I was in England I visited a real mansion called Chatsworth House.

This is the home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire and is situated in a beautiful national park called the Peak district.

I’ve been here many times.

There are many wonderful walks around the house such as by the river or around the back of the house where there is a forested hill.

You can also enter the mansion itself which is full of artworks including works by such famous artists as Rembrandt and Lucian Freud.

There is a large garden with many attractions. Perhaps the most noticeable are the 300 year old water cascade, a powerful fountain shooting a jet of water high into the air and a maze.

And then there is the farmyard which we visited this time. Here we saw a cow being milked by machine. I thought this was very interesting but recently here in my local prefecture Oita I found a farm where you can milk cows by hand.

Next to this was a big adventure park which my daughter and her cousins found a lot of fun.

Although the mansion itself is magnificent I found the stable building, now a restaurant and shop area, the most beautiful architecturally. It has a small courtyard with an elegant fountain in the center.

I particularly liked the archways leading into this building, I felt that they would make a great composition.

Modernism though has come to Chatsworth. I was disappointed to see purple plastic chairs. I’m sure some people think them very fashionable but they weren’t my cup of tea.

And instead of the lovely small parasols they have one huge parasol. No doubt it is very practical but not sadly very attractive or good for a painting!

But Chatsworth is still an outstandingly beautiful place. What’s your favorite mansion?

Below are some of the sketches I did. I think they are better that the finished painting. I'll have to have another crack at this subject in the future.

Watercolor tonal sketch of an archway at Chatsworth house.

Watercolor sketch of an archway at Chatsworth house.

God bless, Gareth.

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